Tag: Taxes
The Growth of the National Debt Under President Biden
Rising Costs for Public Pensions Drive Up Tax Bills
Democrats’ Proposed Higher Cigarette Tax Would Harm the Most Vulnerable
Powerful, Unaccountable Senior Executive Service Calls for SOS from Taxpayers
Social Security, the Election, and Beyond
Torrent of New Federal Spending Leaves Ominous Clouds of National Tax Hikes
No $1,000 Handouts, End Payroll Taxes!
Decoding the Tax Code
Do Public Pension Shortfalls Mean You’ll Face a Tax Hike?
Democrats Duel Over Taxes and Wealth Creation
Greece’s New Leader Promises Free-Market Reforms
Tax Cuts and Tariffs: Policies at Odds with Each Other
Death, Taxes, and Government Waste
Medicare Trust Fund Is Running Out of Money
You Don’t Make the Tax Laws, but You Do Pay the Taxes
In Sacramento County, Bureaucrats “Correct” Their Error with Property Tax Clawback
Congress’ New “PAYGO” Rule
The National Debt and the Control of the House
Why America Is Increasingly Divided (and James Madison Would Have Predicted It)
Drinking Water Tax the Last Straw for Californians?
FinCEN Form 114—I’m Not the Criminal Here
Roving Bandit, Stationary Bandit, and Income Tax
Our Land, Our Infrastructure, Our Country—a Lot of Loose Talk
The Double Tax on Saving
The Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party and the Importance of Precedent

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