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Samuel R. Staley, Ph.D., is director of the DeVoe L. Moore Center, a market-oriented think tank in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Florida State University in Tallahassee and a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute.
Taylor Swift Enterprising Artistry Shows Through in Eras Tour Concert Film
Swifts Eras Concerts Earn Her a Place as a Top Entrepreneur of 2023
Pandemic Boat Market Economics
Lockdowns created surge in boat buying
Oppenheimer Avoids Easy Answers to the Dilemma of Nuclear War
Christopher Nolan further solidifies his reputation in his newest movie as one of the world’s most astute and adroit filmmakers of the modern era
Government Hubris, AI Central to Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1
Dead Recking Part 1 has excellent chase scenes, sci-fi threat, great acting, and a thin plot
303 Creative Preserves Entrepreneurial Spirit of Private Enterprise
The case was only incidentally about LGBTQ+ issues
Angel Studios Sets New Standard with Sound of Freedom
Excellent filmmaking raises awareness about human trafficking without sacrificing art or story
Will Ron DeSantis’s Feud with Disney Be His Political Undoing?
True Spirit Lifted by Individual Courage, Tenacity, and Mental Toughness
Heroic sailing circumnavigation raises serious questions about parental responsibilities
Can Family Theme Push Avatar: The Way of Water to Blockbuster Profitability?
An earnest story of family, loyalty, and acceptance grounds technologically groundbreaking film
Blonde Deprives Marilyn Monroe of the Dignity She Earned
Stunning cinematography and an Oscar-worthy performance by Ana De Armas can’t save this off-the-rails cinemagraphic meditation on Monroe's life
Wakanda Forever Charts Risky Course in Marvel Universe
Afrocentric plot and themes may fail to engage broader audiences
Spielberg Chooses Art Over Biography to Elevate The Fabelmans
An exquisitely crafted and executed “coming of age” drama grounded in Steven Spielberg's own childhood
The Gray Man, Harvard Elites and State-Sponsored Murder
Well produced action movie saved from a thin plot by an excellent, experienced cast
The Black Phone’s Christian Themes
The sleeper hit movie The Black Phone is a well crafted coming of age story within the horror genre
CODA’s Middle American Heart Upends Industry Heavyweights
Did a small movie with a mainstream coming-of-age message humble woke Hollywood?
Elvis Movie Tells Cautionary Story of Conflicting Interest and Ambition
Bold Creative Choice Uses the Villain to Tell the Story of A Pop Icon
Jurassic World: Dominion Falters on Heavy-Handed Eco-Disaster Message
A satisfying dinosaur romp refuses to grapple with the complexity of environmental challenges
Top Gun Maverick Soars With Drama and Action
Sequel to Top Gun Shows More Commitment to Craft and Story
No, Will Smith’s Assault at the Oscars Was Not “The Most Beautiful Thing”
Normalizing Retributive Violence Is Tearing America Apart
The Beatles: Get Back Is Long Overdue Correction to Beatles Narrative
Spielberg’s West Side Story Doubles Down on Tragedy of Prejudice
Free Guy is Light-Hearted Take on Heavy Tech Issues
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Earns Its Blockbuster Stripes
Three Movies that Explore Complexity of the War on Terror
In The Heights Celebrates First-Gen Americans

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