Examining the FBI’s Plans for Expansion: A Debate for the Public
New FBI headquarters expected to surpass size of the Pentagon

The federal government has plans for a new headquarters complex for the FBI on three sites in Virginia of 58, 61, and 80 acres. That amounts to twice the size of the Pentagon building, which accounts for 29 acres plus a five-acre courtyard. The new FBI headquarters would also surpass the Russian Kremlin, which contains government offices, the presidential residence, auditoriums, an arsenal, a museum, and several churches, all in slightly more than 66 acres. 

Let the Federal Reserve Board Choose Their Own Chair
Unpacking the independence of the Fed

The Federal Reserve System (Fed), established in 1913, was designed to operate independently of the federal government. The Fed is overseen by a seven-member Board of Governors who are appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate for 14-year terms. The terms are staggered so that one Governor’s term expires every two years. Once their terms expire, Board members cannot be reappointed (although if they were appointed to a partial term because their predecessor left early, they could be).

Biden Grows National Debt by 11% in Two Years

After two years in power, President Joe Biden doesn’t have many positive accomplishments to brag about.

Unfit for the Bench: Judge Bjelkengren’s Lack of Constitutional Knowledge

So, what sort of judges is President Biden nominating to the federal courts? If Judge Charnelle Bjelkengren is a baseline, we are in trouble. 

The WEF’s War on Your Words and Your Wheels

As we noted, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has plans for your automobile. In the style of Josef Stalin, who pulled The Grapes of Wrath from Soviet theatres, WEF bosses dislike the concept of people owning cars and driving wherever they want. Now from the same quarters comes strange ideas about what people should be able to say. 

Debunking the Myth: Clearing Up Misconceptions About Machine Gun Conversion Devices
Handguns that shoot thousands of rounds per minute?

You may have heard about a device that can be attached to handguns to turn them into rapid-fire automatic pistols. Called “machine gun conversion devices” or “switches,” they definitely make handguns more dangerous. After the first round is fired, recoil from that and subsequent rounds make such a gun difficult to control. Absent a skilled shooter, rounds are likely to strike targets they were not intended to hit.

Economics Isn’t

Legend has it that an art collector once asked Michaelangelo to describe the challenges he faced in sculpting one of his most iconic works. 

“It was actually quite easy,” Michaelangelo drolly replied, “I just chipped away the parts of the stone that didn’t look like David.” 

California’s SB 876: A Missed Opportunity for Education Technology

California’s SB 876 is a bill that would create a state Digital Education Equity Program (DEEP). This program will be run by the California Department of Education, and the sponsors of the bill argue it would give help and training to schools and other educational organizations in using technology in their classrooms.

Hollywood? No, Ottawa!: The Epidemic of Nepo Babies

Hollywood has a reputation for entrenched nepotism: Fairbanks, Houstons, Douglases, Barrymores, and Redgraves all got the industry’s plum roles for generations. A recent New York Magazine article spoke about the “nepo babies” and that they are thriving in an industry where a famous last name is valuable intellectual property. A young celebrity brings instant marketing appeal with millions of TikTok followers as the young and restless range of acting ability consists of modeling a variety of bathing suits and creating drama on the world’s best beaches. The short film The Rightway was directed by Steven Spielberg’s daughter, starred Sean Penn’s son, and was written by Stephen King’s son.

The End of the Road: How the WEF’s Vision Threatens Your Car
Revving up car control

As The Epoch Times reports, “the era of cars as the ultimate tool for personal freedom and mobility will, if the future the World Economic Forum (WEF) envisions comes to pass, soon be over.” This prophecy recalls actions taken in the late 1940s by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

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