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Craig Eyermann is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute.
Student Loan Borrowers Get Deeper in Debt from Pause in Payments
The Debt Ceiling Deal
The Growing Burden of Old National Debt
CBO Puts Full Price Tag on Biden Student Loan Relief Scheme
New Lessons to Learn on the Risks of Sports Stadiums
Washington D.C.’s Excessive Spending Bill Comes Due
U.S. Government’s Fiscal Mid-Year: Record Tax Collections But Huge Deficit
The good, the bad, and the ugly
Outlook for Social Security Worsens
The Best Investment Managers in the World
What Debt Ceiling?
New Bill Seeks to Recover COVID Funds Taken by Fraudsters
Biden Grows National Debt Per Household by 11% in Two Years
Biden’s Troubling Nomination: Julie Su for Secretary of Labor
President Biden’s Budget Deficit Legacy
Festivus in Spring
Bureaucrats Gone Criminal
Biden Ignores Nation’s Biggest Problem in State of Union Address
The Treasury’s Debt Ceiling Shell Game
The national debt and the path to a balanced budget
Fiscal Responsibility at the Forefront of McCarthy’s Speaker of the House Bid
MyGovCost: How Much Will Gov Cost You?
Twas the Night Before Omnibus
Thinktanks Alarmed by “Rapidly Growing Death Spiral” for National Debt
Interest Rate Hike Sets Uncle Sam on Collision Course With Fiscal Reckoning
Something’s Not Adding Up
Keeping Track of President Biden’s Spending

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