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Craig Eyermann is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute.
Sri Lanka’s Death by National Debt
Biden Regulations Adding to Cost of Inflation
Arrival of High Inflation Sets Up Stagflationary Debt Crisis
Social Security Benefit Cuts Coming by 2035
How the U.S. Forest Service Set New Mexico Ablaze
The Costs of Playing Kick the Can with the National Debt
Biden’s Deficit Shrinking Claim Fails Fact Check
Treasury Secretary Admits Biden Spending Programs “Feed” Inflation
Government Is Failing to Fix Homelessness with Housing
Some Pandemic Unemployment Fraud Was Inside Job
The Origin of Bidenflation
“The Biggest Fraud in a Generation”
Return of Pork Barrel Politics: The Biden Budget Failure
Is Federal COVID Aid Setting Schools Up to Fail?
How to Cut One Trillion from the U.S. Budget Deficit
Biden Stimulus Fails to Create Jobs
How Big Is the U.S. National Debt?
The Growth of the National Debt Under President Biden
Ineffective Government, Empty Shelves and Inflation
A Room to Room Review of How Regulations Increase Cost of Living
Pelosi “Insider” Investments Expose Inherent Conflicts of Interest
Crazy, Stupid Federal Spending!
How the Build Back Better Act Died
U.S. Congress’ Insider Stock Trading Scandal Expands
CalPERS’ High-Risk Bets to Guarantee Government Employee Pensions

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