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Craig Eyermann is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute.
How Would a Successful Budget Commission Work?
Moody’s Puts U.S. Government’s Last AAA Credit Score in Jeopardy
Total Interest on National Debt Approaching $1 Trillion
The Smoke and Mirrors of Government Spending in 2023
“The Path We’re on Is Unsustainable”
When Will the National Debt Burden Become Unsustainable?
A Congressional Failure to Budget
U.S. Government on Verge of Losing Last AAA Credit Score
Can the U.S. Grow Its Way Out of the National Debt?
President Biden’s Fiscal Train Wreck
A Broken Government Budget Process and What to Do About It
“Worry About the Federal Deficit”
Uncle Sam’s Credit Downgrade Hits Americans in Pocketbooks
The Waste of Federal Government Office Space
U.S. Government’s Credit Rating Takes a Hit
What Happens After Social Security’s Trust Fund Runs Out?
CBO Sends Dire Fiscal Message in 2023 Long Term Budget Outlook
The Great Grift of Covid Pandemic Aid
Federal Government to Benefit from Student Loan Ruling
Nevada Approves Taxpayer Dollars to Build MLB Stadium
How the Debt Ceiling Deal Will Affect the National Debt
Striking Out: Nevada Legislature Leaves Oakland A’s Stadium Funding on the Bench
Student Loan Borrowers Get Deeper in Debt from Pause in Payments
The Debt Ceiling Deal
The Growing Burden of Old National Debt

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