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Craig Eyermann is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute.
The Oakland A’s Stadium Shenanigans
Interest on National Debt Becoming Uncle Sam’s Biggest Bill
Fiscal Future Is Not Bright: A Simulation Study of U.S. National Debt
Tipping Point: CBO Director’s Warning on America’s Fiscal Path
Why Is the National Debt So Big?
Unsustainable Spending Runs Wild in Biden Budget
Borrowing $10 Billion a Day, Every Day
Would Taxing the Rich More Fix the National Debt?
Fiscal Commission to Focus on National Debt Taking Shape in U.S. Congress
Nevada’s Bet on the Oakland A’s Is Causing Buyer’s Remorse
Stock Traders in Congress Beat the Market Again
Total Interest on U.S. National Debt Now Exceeds $1 Trillion a Year
Off to a Bad Start
Bipartisan Budget Deal Fails to Rein in Spending
Exposing Wasteful Spending of the U.S. Government: The Festivus Report
The Costs of Federal Regulations
Millions of Federal Regulations
Visualizing the National Debt
How Would a Successful Budget Commission Work?
Moody’s Puts U.S. Government’s Last AAA Credit Score in Jeopardy
Total Interest on National Debt Approaching $1 Trillion
The Smoke and Mirrors of Government Spending in 2023
“The Path We’re on Is Unsustainable”
When Will the National Debt Burden Become Unsustainable?
A Congressional Failure to Budget

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