President Biden’s Costly New Student Loan Relief Scheme

Who knew canceling student loans for millions of highly educated, well-to-do Americans could run up the federal government’s budget deficit by billions?

Will the Blundering FDA Receive More Power?

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability recently hosted Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf in a hearing to discuss the agency’s recent blemishes. The Committee’s website stated that “under the Biden Administration, the FDA has stumbled from crisis to crisis.”

The Oakland A’s Stadium Shenanigans

The story of where the Oakland Athletics baseball team will play after they leave the Oakland Coliseum this season has taken some surprising turns.

DEA and FDA Duke it Out Over Marijuana Scheduling

This November, Floridians will vote on an amendment that would allow citizens over 21 years old to use and possess marijuana for recreational reasons. Early polls indicate bi-partisan support. However, whether the amendment builds enough support to reach the 60 percent approval threshold in the next seven months is anyone’s guess. 

Obamacare, Student Loans, and the End of Empire

Once upon a time—in 2010 to be exact—in the land of D.C., the great and powerful Obama proposed a new law called “Obamacare.” Now, in those long-ago days, despite U. S. debt totaling $13 trillion, most Americans still held the superstitious notion that new federal legislation must include the means to pay for it. Accordingly, the emperor’s courtiers came up with a noble solution: “Eureka! We will take over the federal student loan program, capturing its billions of dollars in profits to cover the cost of Obamacare!”

Canada’s Healthcare System Can’t Keep Track of Patients and Is Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

April 17, 2024 marked eight years since my mother, Victoria Billingsley, departed this life at the age of 94. It was also the same day she received a letter from Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare about “the recent cyber incident” affecting local hospitals in the Southwest Ontario region.

Apple and Lina Khan’s Antitrust Antics

FTC Chairwoman Lina Khan should read Shuhart’s article but don’t hold your breath. Apparently, she doesn’t know the sordid history of FTC’s anti-antitrust enforcement. Would you expect Samsung to have been pressing Khan to take on its Apple case? I’d bet on it.

Interest on National Debt Becoming Uncle Sam’s Biggest Bill

The U.S. government borrows an average of $10 billion daily, which means the national debt increases by $1 trillion every 100 days. It is no secret that paying interest on the national debt has become the fastest-growing category of government spending during President Biden’s tenure. That’s the inevitable outcome of combining an oversized national debt with excessive spending and rising interest rates.

Ecuador’s Undiplomatic Basta!

On April 5, the government of Ecuador made the controversial decision to raid the embassy of Mexico in Quito to arrest former Vice President Jorge Glas just hours after Mexico had granted him political asylum. Glas, who was twice convicted on bribery and corruption charges and spent five years in prison, is under investigation once again, this time for the alleged mismanagement of reconstruction funds in the aftermath of an earthquake.

You Can’t Spend Your Way Out of an Opioid Crisis

Spending more doesn’t always get you more and that includes money going towards combatting America’s ongoing opioid crisis. But don’t tell that to the Biden Administration.

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