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K. Lloyd Billingsley is a Policy Fellow at the Independent Institute and a columnist at American Greatness.
Canada’s Healthcare System Can’t Keep Track of Patients and Is Vulnerable to Cyberattacks
California’s High-Speed Rail Continues to be a Trainwreck
Murthy v. Missouri Puts Government Censorship on Trial
Secretary Cardona’s Quagmire
Buttigieg Boosts New Marshall Plan—For Ukraine
From High-Flying Journeys to Grounded Reality: The House’s Bold Move on Buttigieg’s Salary
Legislature Ramps Up Newsom’s Gun Gambit
California Auditor Proclaims Unemployment Agency “High-Risk”
For fraud that took place on the watch of Julie Su, Biden’s pick for Labor Secretary
Murphy’s Law on Loneliness
California Department of Incorrections
State Department of Public Health gets it wrong on covert biolab in Reedley
Shielding Buttigieg’s Jet-Set Waste Is a Bipartisan Issue
Transportation Shakedown Administration
Affirmative Action: California and the Supreme Court
Court Removes Government Claws From Lobster Industry
Julie Su Testifies to House Committee
Biden nominee can’t recall her vote on key AB-5 measure
Goats and Gig Workers: Lorena Gonzalez’s Impact on Labor in California
UC Berkeley Brings Chesa Boudin Aboard
Former San Francisco DA brought in to “educate the next generation of frontline advocates, policymakers and thought leaders”
Constitutional Rights at Stake: Assessing California’s Gun Legislation AB-28 and SB-2
The Supreme Court’s Watershed 9-0 Ruling
Sackett v. EPA ruling is a victory for property rights
No Taxes Before 30
A plan to counter underachievement and indolence
Is it Wise to Fire-Proof Education Bureaucrats?
Controlled Economies are Failed Economies
Lessons from California’s $30 billion unemployment heist
Julie Su, AB-5 Supporter and Inexperienced Nominee, Faces Criticism for Handling of California’s Unemployment Program
Government Had Access to Private Twitter DMs

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