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Alvaro Vargas Llosa is a Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute. His Independent books include Global Crossings, Liberty for Latin America, and The Che Guevara Myth.
Central Banks—What Lebanon Teaches Us
Brazil’s Lula da Silva and His Troubling Friends
From Power Struggles to Unity: The Opposition’s Plan to Challenge Maduro in 2024
Does the Venezuelan opposition have a chance?
López Obrador´s Honeymoon With Cuba
The Real Story Behind Peru’s Recent Unrest
Debunking the narrative
The U.S. Economy and the Failure of Keynesian Thought
Qatar Takes Center Stage with World Cup
Bernanke’s Nobel effect
Inflation is Unlikely to Improve Before Things Get Worse
Reducing Inflation with More Inflation
The Return of Carlos Rangel
The Case of Jeanine Añez
Economic Liberalization Stammers in Latin America
It’s Monetary Inflation, Stupid
Putin and the Rehabilitation of Europe’s Populists
The Era of Dictators
What Does the Uprising in Kazakhstan Mean?
Lukashenko’s Safe Bet
The Lehman Trilogy
Learning to Vote: Lessons from Latin America
The Debt—Does Anyone Care?
Cuba’s Heroes
Who really won Peru’s presidential election?
Peru—Between a Rock and a Hard Place
The Debt—Who Cares?

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