Posts by James A. Montanye
James A. Montanye is a retired consulting economist in Falls Church, VA.
Protecting Unalienable Rights
An Empirical Defense of Congressional Filibusters and Super-Majority Voting Rules
Roe v. Wade Reconsidered
Bobby Kennedy, Joe Biden, and the Fallacy of Shaw’s Serpent
Progressivism’s Life Cycles
No-Ho-Ho: The Economics of Holiday Gift Giving
Free Will: Getting the Economics Right
Where There’s a Will There’s a Won’t: A COVID-Related Tale of Bureaucracy
Will the Push for Social Equality Undermine Social Harmony?
Altruism, Generosity, and Selfishness in the Age of Bernie
American Democracy as a Fundamentalist Religion
Faction: The Underlying Cause of Anger and Hatred in America
The Blindness of Social Wealth
Chief Justice John Roberts Channels Oliver Wendell Holmes, Not Owen Roberts
“Tax Expenditures”: Old Vinegar Rebottled
Spreading the Wealth: An Introduction to Political Biology

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