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William F. Shughart II is a Distinguished Research Advisor and Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute, the J. Fish Smith Professor in Public Choice at Utah State University, past President of the Public Choice Society as well as the Southern Economic Association, and editor of the Independent book, Taxing Choice.
“There They Go Again:” Stamp Prices to Rise by a Nickel
A solution beyond price hikes
The Black Cloud in Jobs Growth’s Silver Lining
Stop Mandatory Time Changes
The Fed’s Inflation Rate Targeting Is a Sham
Fed Expands its Span of Control over U.S. Banks
The Fed’s Cost Overruns
The FTC is Guilty of Violating the Laws that Authorized Its Creation
Noncompete Contract Clauses are Agreed-Upon Voluntarily
Stop the Madness of Mandatory Time Changes!
Why are we resetting our clocks?
Progressives, Leave the Senate Alone
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Antitrust
Goodbye and Good Riddance
Mass Shootings and Gun Violence: Why Buffalo? Why Uvalde?
Inflation Not Caused by Rising Wages
Biden, not “Big Oil”, is to Blame for Energy Price Spikes
U.S. Manufacturers Seek to Ban Imported Mattresses During Pandemic
What Bezos, Cook, Pinchai and Zuckerberg Should Have Told Congress about Antitrust Hysteria
Cigarette and Soda Taxes Don’t Save Many Lives
If You Love Forests, Let Them Burn
The E15 Mandate Is Poor Environmental Policy
Trump’s Ethanol Plans Double Down on Bad Environmental Policy
Mining Regulations Hamper Access to America’s Own Rare Earth Metals and Minerals
Why Have Gasoline Prices Risen Lately?
Despite Enviable Safety Record, Chernobyl’s Ghost Still Haunts the Nuclear Power Industry
Fundamental Principles of Income Tax Reform
Fred S. McChesney, Rest in Peace

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