Posts by Alvaro Vargas Llosa
Alvaro Vargas Llosa is a Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute. His Independent books include Global Crossings, Liberty for Latin America, and The Che Guevara Myth.
Venezuela’s Umpteenth Electoral Fraud
Germany and the Political Price of Cynicism
Cancel Culture as Collectivist Fragility
The Treason of the Intellectuals
Uruguay’s Freer Approach Has Severely Limited the Pandemic While Protecting the Economy
The Smart Ones in the Time of Pandemic
The Financial Virus Will Infect Our Politics
Does the Coronavirus Favor the Left or the Right?
Venezuela’s Fictional President May Still Offer Hope
Iran’s Greatest Myth: Moderates Waiting in the Wings
One Central Banker Is Out, but His Legacy Could Push Europe to the Financial Brink
Ecuador’s Poisoned Legacy
Boris versus Maggie: UK’s New Prime Minister Is Cut From a Different Cloth
The Berlin Wall Still Teaches Invaluable Lessons 30 Years After Its Fall
Erdoğan’s Mistake Is Worse Than a Crime
Africans on the Move: Impressions versus Facts
Trump’s Trade War Makes Us All Losers
Greece’s New Leader Promises Free-Market Reforms
Trump’s Mexican Poodle
Will Corporate Debt Set Off the Next Financial Crisis?
Never Look Away: A Cinematic Masterpiece for Our Times
Two Years After the UK’s Landmark Vote to Leave the European Union, Brexit Is a Farce
Venezuela on the Brink
A Mexican Crash Course on Free Markets
Nicaragua’s Ortega Assaults Remaining Champion of Free Speech

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