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The Black Phone’s Christian Themes
The sleeper hit movie The Black Phone is a well crafted coming of age story within the horror genre
CODA’s Middle American Heart Upends Industry Heavyweights
Did a small movie with a mainstream coming-of-age message humble woke Hollywood?
Elvis Movie Tells Cautionary Story of Conflicting Interest and Ambition
Bold Creative Choice Uses the Villain to Tell the Story of A Pop Icon
Jurassic World: Dominion Falters on Heavy-Handed Eco-Disaster Message
A satisfying dinosaur romp refuses to grapple with the complexity of environmental challenges
Top Gun Maverick Soars With Drama and Action
Sequel to Top Gun Shows More Commitment to Craft and Story
Spielberg’s West Side Story Doubles Down on Tragedy of Prejudice
Free Guy is Light-Hearted Take on Heavy Tech Issues
In The Heights Celebrates First-Gen Americans
Black Widow’s Performances and Familial Intimacy Lift Marvel Action Movie
Nomadland’s Humanity Drives Cinematic Brilliance
A Well-Crafted Action Movie, Run Hide Fight Contributes to Larger Discussion of School Violence
Revenge Thriller Promising Young Woman Challenges Thinking About Sexual Assault
Wonder Woman 1984 Lassoed by Sprawling Plot and Confused History
Mr. Jones Makes Compelling Case for Scrappy, Robust Journalism
Mulan’s Subtle Subversion Withstands Beijing’s Censors
Supreme Court Ruckus Got You Down? Queue Up These Movies
Antiwar Message of The Dawn Patrol Still Resonates 82 Years Later
Personal Freedom and Liberty Anchor Brave New World
Lessons from Wilford Brimley’s Best Performance
Created Equal Provides Long Overdue Balance to Clarence Thomas’s Narrative
Just Mercy Provides Stark Warning About Death Penalty Injustice
The Stand at Paxton County Puts Leftist Activism at Center of Corruption Drama
Waco Demonstrates the Real Dangers of Militarizing Law Enforcement
Queen and Slim’s Cynicism Should Prompt Serious Discourse on Race and Criminal Justice
Harriet Breathes Life into Call for Liberty

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