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Are Wealthier Americans Ditching Health Insurance?
Runaway Health Insurance Costs Under the Affordable Care Act
Trump’s Executive Orders Won’t Lower Healthcare Prices, but Deregulation Will
Medicare Trust Fund Is Running Out of Money
Unlawful Obamacare Fees to Add to National Debt
If Telemedicine Is Underachieving, Government Is to Blame
Where Does Your Health Insurance Premium Go?
Health Insurance Contributes to Past-Due Medical Debt
Employer-Based Coverage Does Not Equalize Access to Health Care
Why Health Coverage Does Not Equal Healthcare Access
American Health Insurance Is Upside Down
Fixed-Dollar Tax Credits Would Reduce Individual Health Insurance Premiums
Obamacare’s Bureaucracy: The Amazing Rise in Health Insurance Jobs
Obama Economists’ Bad Obamacare Economics
“Surprise” Medical Bills a Big Problem
Why Aren’t Consumer-Driven Health Plans More Popular?
Bill Clinton Is Right: Obamacare Is Crazy. Here’s a Sane Reform
Consumer-Driven Health Plans Reduce Health Spending One-Eighth
Premiums for Employer-Based Family Health Insurance Up One-Fifth Since Obamacare
More than One in Five Americans “Churn” Through Health Coverage within a Year
EpiPen: A Case Study in Health Insurance Failure
Telehealth Opportunity versus Telehealth “Parity”
Obamacare Authorities Actually Think Health Costs Fell
Medicare Changes Have Reduced Hospital Readmissions, but More Reforms Are Needed
Hospitals and Insurers Are Dropping the Ball

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