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Abigail R. Hall is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and an Associate Professor of Economics at Sykes College of Business at the University of Tampa.
Make No Mistake: Fidel Castro Was a Horrible Person
Perspectives on the President Elect
The U.S. Military: The Cost of the Sacred Cow
Cubs Fans Swing and Miss on Understanding Basic Economics
Easterly, Buchanan, Hayek, and Economic Development
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Your Friendly Neighborhood Drone?
Conflicted Feelings about Colin Kaepernick
First World Problems
Marginal Steps to a Better World
Trump’s Nomination and Backward Immigration Policy
What Iran Can Teach Us about Selling Kidneys
PBS Debate: Why We Should Embrace Human Organ Sales
Does Uber Reduce DUIs?
Stop Coddling My College Students!
What Bible School Taught Me About Taxes
Venezuela’s Problem Isn’t Oil—It’s Government
You Aren’t Entitled to a College Education
A Defense of “Big Bad Pharma”
For the Love of Teaching and Economics
NSA Spying: Another Foreign Intervention Come Home
Harriet Tubman and America’s Immigration Hypocrisy
Death to “Safe Spaces”

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