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Craig Eyermann is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute.
Fiscal Responsibility at the Forefront of McCarthy’s Speaker of the House Bid
MyGovCost: How Much Will Gov Cost You?
Twas the Night Before Omnibus
Thinktanks Alarmed by “Rapidly Growing Death Spiral” for National Debt
Interest Rate Hike Sets Uncle Sam on Collision Course With Fiscal Reckoning
Something’s Not Adding Up
Keeping Track of President Biden’s Spending
How California Is Burning a $100 Billion Surplus
Where Did 2022’s Extra National Debt Growth Come From?
Federal Regulations Explode Under Biden
Are We in a Fiscal Doom Loop?
Our excessive borrowing raises the question
Government and the Ultimate Inside Stock Traders
Breaking Down the National Debt
California’s Zombie Bullet Train Lurches Along
Ticking Down to a National Debt Crisis
Your Household’s Share of the National Debt
Interest Rates and the First Rule of Holes
Fiscal Policy in the Wake of Rising Rates
President Biden’s Student Loan Cancellation Scheme
What’s wrong with it?
America’s Coming National Debt Crisis
President Biden’s Big, Bad Deal
The Inflation Reduction Act
Uncle Sam’s Stealthy Plan to Force Americans to Pay Higher Taxes
The Fastest Growing Category of Government Spending
CBO Identifies the Biggest Fiscal Threat to Americans
How High Can Uncle Sam Afford Interest Rates to Rise?
75% of PPP Wasted
Pandemic Aid for Businesses Squandered

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