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How Much Did the Government Shutdown Cost the Economy?

Little agreement on Capitol Hill will likely continue to impact business confidence and financial markets.

50 Years after the Santa Barbara Oil Spill, Leviathan Is Slick as Ever

No trace of the spill remains, but fifty years later the Coastal Commission is extending its power, levying fines directly, and still overriding elected governments.

Latest Reactionary Jive on Janus

The courts should uphold Janus and union members should spend only their own money on politics.

Why President Trump Should Give Up on the Wall, and Why He Won’t

Backing down on the wall and blaming it on the Democrats will cost him nothing politically.

Green Book Wins by Embracing Individual Human Dignity

A compelling historical drama about race in America.

Charter Schools Strike Out

With few exceptions, charter schools are part of the government monopoly on education, a collective farm of mediocrity and failure.

America’s Reduced Regulatory Burden

For the first time on record, the estimated cost for Americans to comply with federal regulations will go down instead of up.

Free-Market Ideology?

Free and uncoerced exchange among individuals is not an ideology.

A Mexican Crash Course on Free Markets

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador—known as AMLO—has entered a crash course on the ravages of populism and statism.

Many Different “Problems,” Identical “Solution” in Every Case

Crises serve as a pretext for government power grab.

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