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The Fed and the U.S. National Debt

Now that the Fed has changed its policies, U.S. taxpayers will be forced to bear a larger burden in paying for the full cost national debt.

Is California’s Travel Ban a Bust?

In 2016, the California legislature passed Assembly Bill 1887 which restricted state-funded travel to North Carolina.

Red Flag Laws and Predictive Policing

Red flag laws are a threat to everybody’s rights, giving government the ability to take away constitutional rights of people who haven’t violated the law.

Take Pity on the Economist

So many economists are always giving the discipline a bad name.

Sidestepping Congress to Build the Wall

President Trump has demonstrated that he has a unique ability to drive the passions of his political opposition in the media.

Crowdfunding the Government

Americans who support the President’s proposed wall are using crowdfunding to collect money to build a portion of it.

California Chief Justice Weak on Presumption of Innocence, but Strong on “Social Justice”

That sounds more like the political agenda of a legislator, not an impartial judge.

Nicaragua’s Ortega Assaults Remaining Champion of Free Speech

Ortega tightens grip on power amid widespread rebellion.

China—Americans’ Economic Bugaboo du Jour

The hysteria has no firm foundation.

Interest Due on U.S. National Debt Starts to Explode

The interest due on U.S. national debt has put the gov on a course to spend more on debt than national defense.

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