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FDA Vaping Regulations Will Do More Harm than Good

Stringent regulations on the e-cigarette market to come.

Common Sense 8, Phantom Frog 0 in Federal Land Grab Case

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service attempts to designate private property in Louisiana as “critical habitat”.

Will California’s New Governor Stem the Tide of White-Coat Waste and Cronyism?

Embryonic stem-cell research boondoggle comes to a head.

Post Office Has Boom Year, Loses More Money Than Ever

Privatization looks to be the only viable option.

Nationalism Is a Weird Ideology

Nationalism is, among other things, a gigantic aggregation error.

Reduce Ethanol Subsidies to Clean the Environment

Taking corn out of fuel and putting it back toward food production would make food more affordable while also reducing the negative environmental consequences that have resulted from the government’s multiple interventions.

A Surefire Way to Improve the World

Self-improvement leads to world-improvement.

Marbury, Crackpots, and Judicial Supremacy

I just returned to the United States after a short-term teaching stint at European University in Tbilisi, Georgia. It seems I’ve arrived home on the tail end of a controversy over the venerable Marbury v. Madison decision. According to luminaries at the Washington Post, anyone who questions the greatness of Marbury is a “crackpot”…
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Can California’s Next Governor Gain Victory over Revenue Volatility?

The incoming governor claims “volatility is our enemy”.

Where Is Latin America Going?

Reform is within reach, but several obstacles remain.

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