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Judicial Waste, and a Warning for Post-Brown California

SB 1391 will bar prosecution of those as young as 14 as adults.

What Bitcoin Taught the Public and Economists

Bitcoin demonstrates that private currency is possible.

Exploiting Elections to Expand Government Power

CA’s ballot initiative legacy.

The Rise of Zombie Governments

State gov.s omit pension obligations to hide insolvency.

Political Tribalism

Easing tribalism giving way to political division.

Proposition 209 Postscript: How the Unqualified Thrive in Government

CA Prop 209 did not end affirmative action.

Is Brazil About to Elect a Right-Wing Populist for President?

Understanding the motives behind the populist trend.

Timber Subsidies Like “Crack for the Agricultural Community”

Conservative Reserve subsidy proves counterproductive.

American Exceptionalism

When others do it, it’s terrorism; when Americans do it, it’s national defense. When others do it, it’s a war crime; when Americans do it, it’s collateral damage. When others do it, it’s torture; when Americans do it, it’s enhanced interrogation. When others do it, it’s unprovoked attack; when Americans do it, it’s shock…
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The Federal Student Loan Fiasco

$1.2 trillion borrowed to fund Federal Direct Student Loan Program.

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