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Tax Cuts and Tariffs: Policies at Odds with Each Other
According to Bloomberg, the cost of tariffs may soon exceed the benefits of tax cuts for middle earner households by a big margin.
Mexican Tariff Tiff’s Backstory Includes 2016 Election Interference
Whatever one thinks of Trump tariffs on all Mexican goods, a key back story is not being reported in the establishment media.
Trump’s Trade Policy—A Reductio ad Absurdum
Apart from practical difficulties and impossibilities, a Trumpian trade triumph, even if it could be achieved, would be a horrible objective to attain.
Why 2018 Federal Tax Collections Rose Even Though Corporate Tax Revenue Fell
Together, faster economic growth and increased numbers of Americans earning higher incomes led to increased individual tax collections.
Tariffs Cause Americans to Accept Inferior Deals
Tariffs make superior offers less desirable for buyers by making them more costly.
Tariffs Remove Options and Necessarily Reduce Economic Well-Being
You simply can’t make people better off by removing options from them.
Government Obstructions on Importation and Immigration Are Parallel Forms of Plunder
Two cases of government obstructions at the border.
The Truth about Turkey
Mounting debt and rising inflation are driving Turkey’s financial crisis.
The Delusion of a Win-Win Trade War
The only way to win a trade war is not to fight one.
Two-way Trade in the “Same” Commodity
Government interference neglects the nuance of trade.
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