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Pandemic Reading Tips
When a new book comes out, C. S. Lewis reportedly said, be sure to read an old one first. Anybody now cooped up at home might follow that advice and take up a real oldie, such as The Gallic War, by Julius Caesar. The Roman imperialist fought it out with tribes such as the...
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Former California Governor Jerry Brown Stokes His Climate-Change Backfire
Jerry Brown has been on the quiet side since he left office, but raging fires across the state have smoked out the hereditary, recurring governor. As he told Politico, this was “only a taste of the horror and terror that will occur in decades,” in “America, in Africa, in Canada.” For Brown, a three-time...
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Jerry Brown Appointee Allows Bail for Triple Manslaughter Suspect
Californians have to wonder about David Ashby’s performance in a recent felony DUI and triple manslaughter case.
Did Racism and Sexism Cause Oroville Dam Spillway Failure?
Two years after the Oroville Dam spillway failed, answers remain murky.
Final Acts Reveal the True Jerry Brown
During his final week in office, Brown attempts to pardon convicted murderers and corrupt politicians alike.
Will Politicians Reform California’s Worst Pro-Criminal, Anti-Victim Laws?
Propositions 47 & 57 too lenient on criminals.
A Disarming New Governor Greets a More Dangerous State
Gavin Newsom pledges to “raise the bar” on gun control.
Law of the Land: Feds Can Sell to Private Developers
Farmers, ranchers, and developers support more sales of federal land.
Judicial Waste, and a Warning for Post-Brown California
SB 1391 will bar prosecution of those as young as 14 as adults.
Jerry Brown’s ATF
Governor Brown’s record leaves a dismal legacy.
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