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How COVID-19 Blew a Hole in the Federal Budget
The Congressional Budget Office has just released a dismal update of the 10-year budget projections it released just six months ago. The update reveals how much the U.S. government’s fiscal outlook has changed for the worse because of COVID-19. That impact starts with a picture of just how big a hole COVID-19 has blown...
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U.S. National Debt Hits Crisis Levels
The U.S. government’s total public debt outstanding has nearly reached $22.6 trillion with two weeks left to go in the government’s 2019 fiscal year.
States Enjoying an Unexpected Benefit of Federal Tax Reform
The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 appears to be delivering an unexpected benefit to state governments: It is lowering their cost of their borrowing.
Booming Spending Outweighs Record Tax Collections
Where the primary cause of the U.S. government’s growing deficits and national debt is concerned, it’s the spending, stupid!
Why 2018 Federal Tax Collections Rose Even Though Corporate Tax Revenue Fell
Together, faster economic growth and increased numbers of Americans earning higher incomes led to increased individual tax collections.
Leviathan and the Budget Deficit
Treasury department’s new graphic helps explain deficit.
Why America Is Increasingly Divided (and James Madison Would Have Predicted It)
More than half of Americans receive more money from gov. transfer programs than they pay in federal taxes.
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