Tag: Congress
SCOTUS, Statutory Delegation and the EPA
Why the Casual Attitude Toward Inflation?
An Empirical Defense of Congressional Filibusters and Super-Majority Voting Rules
Conflicts of Interest at the Fed and Congress
Reality Check Ahead on Deficit Spending
Congress Institutionalizes Dangerous Distortions of Language
The Senate Should Dismiss the Article of Impeachment
The Real Danger of the Capitol Incident: Suppression of Truth and Dissent
A Coronavirus Spending Scandal
Dishonest Interpretation
Is the Federal Bureaucracy America’s Nobility?
The Scariest Words in Washington, D.C.
Congress Should Nix Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates
Repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force
Child Safety Accounts Would Protect School Children in Washington, DC
The National Debt and the Control of the House
A Straightforward View of Morality and the Government
Principal-agent Theory and Representative Government
Patent Reform Is Not a Left Wing Thing
Republicans Split over Patent Reform
Hammers, Clubs, and Fists: Making Our Streets and Schools Safe
Panetta Disregards Congress’ Enumerated Power to Declare War
Charles Peña to Reply to Obama on Libya: Freedom Watch on Fox Business Channel Tonight
Robert Higgs on Why Government Is Prolonging the Economic Crisis
Congress Repeals Ban on Gays in Military

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