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Samuel R. Staley is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and Director of the DeVoe L. Moore Center in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Florida State University. He is a contributing author to the Independent books, Property Rights and Housing America.
Hotel Mumbai and the Face of Terrorism
Captive State Probes Depths of Despair Under Oppression
How Did Liberty Fare at Oscars 2019?
Green Book Wins by Embracing Individual Human Dignity
The Vice in Vice
A Star Is Born Lifted by Performances of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper
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Crazy Rich Asians and an American in Singapore
Won’t You Be My Neighbor Chronicles the Life of One of the Good Guys
Mission: Impossible–Fallout and Deep State Redemption
The Equalizer 2 Is More Than Just Another Vigilante Movie
Masterpiece Cakeshop and the Hidden Tolerance for Gay Rights
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Raises Ethical Questions about Technology and Life
Adrift Testifies to the Strength of the Human Spirit
Pope Francis Film Promotes Tolerance but Flawed Thinking on Poverty
Solo: A Star Wars Story Entertains with Grounded Individualism
Avengers: Infinity War Drops the Population Bomb
Can History Survive Duke University’s Nancy MacLean?
Review: Little Pink House Shows How Machinery of Government Undermines Civil Liberties
Review: Ready Player One Entertains Using Fear of Tech Oligarchy
Review: Black Panther’s Box Office Success Is Well Earned
Five Recent Movies that Explore Race in America
Review: Darkest Hour Probes Depths of Political Courage
Review: Pro-Liberty Themes Thrive in Molly’s Game
Review: The Post Puts Freedom of the Press in Spotlight

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