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Children’s Crusade of UN Global Climate Week Gets a Cold Shot

For a different take on climate, have a look at Lowell Ponte’s 1976 The Cooling: Has the Next Ice Age Begun? Can We Survive it?

Can the Fed Handle the Next Financial Catastrophe Arising from Politicians’ Addiction to Spending?

Isn’t it time the politicians and bureaucrats who run the government reined in their opiate addiction and went into rehab?

Cassandra Chrones Moore, R.I.P.

Our dear, longtime friend Cassandra Chrones Moore passed away on Sunday, July 7, 2019, at Stanford Hospital. Her husband, Thomas Gale Moore (founding member, Board of Advisors, Independent Institute), and her children, Charles and Antonia (Tonia), were at her side. Hospitalized the previous Friday, she died of aortic valve stenosis, a heart condition that...
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Blazing Blaster Buyback BS

Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is pushing “mandatory buybacks of certain semi-automatic weapons.”

Diversity Rankings Hold Deep Meaning for the University of California, the State, and the Nation

Californians passed the California Civil Rights Initiative, Proposition 209 in 1996. Opponents argued that the measure would end minority representation, but that turned out to be wrong. 

Government Virtue-Signaling Severely Misallocates Resources

There are now 90 homeless camps in Oakland—more than one camp per square mile—most even worse than that pictured, each littered with unimaginable filth and trash. Yet how does the government choose to allocate the resources it never fails to remind us are severely limited—it can’t pave the streets, educate kids, respond to 911...
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Incumbent Advantage

The notion that somehow voters have the ability to replace elected officials by voting them out of office is a sham when incumbents win almost all the time.

The Return of Quantitative Easing

The new financial crisis could have been avoided, if only a bipartisan majority of politicians in Washington, D.C., could have restrained the growth of their spending to sustainable levels.

Outgoing University of California President Janet Napolitano Was More Politician than Educator

If students, parents, and taxpayers see Janet Napolitano’s departure as long overdue, it would be hard to blame them. 

Hustlers Explores Seedy Side of Strip-Club Economics

The core of the story is a sophisticated character study that will leave many in the audience pondering the meaning of friendship, loyalty, betrayal, and ethics.

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