Students: Enroll in an Independent Institute Summer Seminar!

This summer, the Independent Institute is excited to host “The Challenge of Liberty”, two student seminar programs, one geared toward college students and the other for high school students. The high school session runs from June 20 to 24 at our offices in Oakland and the college program will be held at a Bay Area campus from August 1 to 5.

The faculty will comprise Gregory Rehmke, the director of the Seminar program, along with James Ahiakpor (California State University), Carl Close (Independent Institute), Fred Foldvary (Santa Clara University), Matthew Holian (San Jose State University), Michael Winther (Institute for Principle Studies) and José Yulo (Academy of Art University). I will also be lecturing. The high school session will further feature Emily Skarbek, director of the Independent Institute’s Center on Entrepreneurial Innovation and professor at San Jose State, and the college session will feature for the first time none other than Robert Higgs of the Independent Institute and The Independent Review.

Each program amounts to a concise and thorough survey course in the ethical and economic principles of a free society. Topics covered include natural rights and natural law, free markets and prosperity, public goods, “market failure” and “government failure,” property rights, monopoly and competition, money and banking, health care, environmental issues, and much more. College students will also learn further about the Austrian School of economics, law and order without statism, the political economy of war and its effects on economic and civil liberties. Students and parents, be sure not to miss this great opportunity by enrolling today!

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