Tag: Taxation
Social Security Benefits Will Not Be Cut
Does Joe Biden’s Multi-Trillion Dollar Spending Plan Pay for Itself?
Biden’s Plan to “Tax The Rich” Will Cost the Middle Class
Coordination, Cooperation, and Control: The Evolution of Economic and Political Power
The Rich Say: Tax Us More to Fight COVID-19
Is Elizabeth Warren’s Proposed Wealth Tax Constitutional?
Elizabeth Warren’s Proposed Wealth Tax
Three Assumptions the Left Makes About Economic Inequality
Trump’s Tax Returns
Cigarette and Soda Taxes Don’t Save Many Lives
California Parents Need Educational Choices, Not Court Battles
SCOTUS Ruling on Sales Tax a Gift for In-State Retailers
Seattle Strives to Be More Like Detroit
Partisan Politics Disenfranchises the Minority Party
Tax Tinkering
Illinois Passes Its First, Country’s 18th, Tax-Credit Scholarship Program
The Double Tax on Saving
Tax Reform V: Eliminate the Estate Tax
Tax Reform IV: Corporate Tax Reform
Tax Reform III: Tax Employer Health Care Benefits; Offer a Tax Credit to Health Insurance Purchasers
Tax Reform II: Lower Rates; Eliminate Deductions
Tax Reform I: Expand the IRA
Prosperity, Not Soda Taxes, Fosters Good Health
Interest Groups and Tax Reform
Trump’s Tax Plan: A Move in the Right Direction

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