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Reducing Inflation with More Inflation
Addressing Inequality
A Law Enforcement Officer’s Take on Independent Institute’s ALPR Report
New York Was Wrong to Close the Indian Point Plant
One year after the power plants closure, the results are clear
Biden Djokovic Ban, and a Possible Free-Market Solution
Biden’s Student Loan Dilemma and the Political Business Cycle
Political incentives shape policy decisions, which is why the freeze on student loan payments is unlikely to be rescinded without some forgiveness this close to midterms.
“Beast Mode” IRS Already Armed and Dangerous
Diamonds are Forever
California’s Forests Are on Fire ... Again
Where Does Congress Get Its Subpoena Power?
Hint: You can't find it in the constitution
Ruby Ridge Remembered
Militarized Central State Versus Individual Life and Liberty
The UK Online Safety Bill Attacks Free Speech and Encryption
Brittney Griner and Tameka Drummer
Uncle Sam’s Stealthy Plan to Force Americans to Pay Higher Taxes
Russia & Ukraine: Background to Conflict
An Annotated Bibliography
Fauci and CDC Won’t Admit Mistakes
What John Oliver Gets Right (and Wrong) about Inflation
John Oliver is right that “corporate greed” and “Putin’s tax hike” are poor answers when it comes to explaining inflation.
Why Did it Take So Long for the US to Get the Novavax Vaccine?
Dr. Fauci Quarantines Truth, Common Sense, and Accountability
Government COVID Blunders Continue With Monkeypox
The Economy is Under-Regulated and Increasingly So
Congress Is Supersizing the IRS. Here’s Why That’s Bad News for Everyday Americans
The IRS would more than double its workforce under this legislation.
The Fastest Growing Category of Government Spending
Gov. Newsom Revives Delta Tunnel Project
The Biden Administration Says US Not in a Recession, but Federal Statutes Say Otherwise. Who is Right?
The Gray Man, Harvard Elites and State-Sponsored Murder
Well produced action movie saved from a thin plot by an excellent, experienced cast
CBO Identifies the Biggest Fiscal Threat to Americans

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