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Bad Judgment on Deadly Violence

Judges are going easy on adults who commit deadly acts of violence.

FDA Approves Ketamine-Based Drug to Treat Difficult Cases of Depression

Despite its reputation as a party drug, Ketamine is now hailed as a “game-changing” treatment for types of depression that do not respond to typical treatment methods.

Justice for College Athletes?

Should the NCAA allow its student-athletes to benefit from a portion of the significant revenue that they help generate?

Two Years After the UK’s Landmark Vote to Leave the European Union, Brexit Is a Farce

Brexit continues to revolve around a basic dilemma: to break up the United Kingdom or to break up Ireland.

Generic Insulin Now Available After Nearly One Hundred Years of Regulatory Protection From Competition

Insulin has been available to treat diabetes since 1922, but the first generic insulin was approved just a few weeks ago. Why?

Should Tax Disclosure Rules Apply to All Politicians?

Arbitrary discretion in enforcing laws is one of the perks of wielding political power.

Court-Packing: Democrats Ignore Painful Lessons

Several Democratic presidential candidates say they will consider supporting legislation to increase the size of the Supreme Court.

Weaponizing Socialist Medicine

What American politicians like to call “socialized medicine” is actually government monopoly health care.

California’s Anti-Green Land-Use Policies Increase Global Warming

When California’s land use policies keep them from moving to California, they end up living in states that give them a much higher carbon footprint.

Community, True and False

False communities are more accurately described as political factions.

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