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DOJ Dishes Out Taxpayer Dollars »

DOJ appears eager to hand out millions of taxpayer dollars to just about any group that wants it. 

Obama: GM Will Repay Bailout Money? »

President Obama says “We expect taxpayers will get back all the money my administration has invested in GM.” As I write, GM is planning an initial public offering of stock (IPO) to raise money to pay back “…the money [President Obama’s] administration invested…” As an aside, I do like the way the president takes…
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Confiscation of Bondholder Assets Dooms GM »

Much has been made in recent weeks about the fact that the GM bankruptcy agreement moved the government’s claims to GM ahead of bondholders with secured debt. Had GM gone through typical bankruptcy proceedings the bondholders would likely have ended up owning more than half of GM, not the 10 percent they actually got….
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