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President Biden’s Student Loan Cancellation Scheme
What’s wrong with it?
Lockdown-Led Big City Exodus: An Economic Boost to Small Towns?
Paycheck Protection Payouts Give Taxpayers Plenty To Ponder
Stem Cell Scammers Go Signature Harvesting
California’s Legislators Commandeer Workers Comp in Coronavirus Fight
Do You Live in a Sunshine City or a Sinkhole City?
$3 Billion State Stem Cell “Flop” Now Wants $5.5 Billion More
With California’s Public Pensions, Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
Shattering Federal Bureaucrats’ Shield of Executive Immunity
The Adachi Papers: SF Police Raid Attacks Free Press and Reveals Hypocrisy
Contrary to News Reports, California Is Actually a Loser in Its 26-year Tax War Against Tech Inventor Gilbert Hyatt
Government Unions Keep Costs High for Taxpayers
California’s Governor Plugs Up Jerry Brown’s Water Tunnel Plan
First Class Flying and Dining on Taxpayer Dollars
In Sacramento County, Bureaucrats “Correct” Their Error with Property Tax Clawback
California’s Degrees of Separation from Truth and Accountability
Oroville Dam Repair Costs Surge to $1.1 Billion
Is Trump Dismantling the Regulatory State?
Construction of California’s Stonehenge Costing $3.1 Million Per Day
Unlawful Obamacare Fees to Add to National Debt
DOJ Dishes Out Taxpayer Dollars
Obama: GM Will Repay Bailout Money?
Confiscation of Bondholder Assets Dooms GM

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