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The Health-Care Insurance Quagmire as a Linguistic Problem
The House of Representatives has just passed a statute it represents as “repealing and replacing Obamacare.” This legislation, now awaiting what promises to be major challenges in gaining the Senate’s approval, does amend certain aspects of the Obamacare setup, but all in all the changes are less than earth-shaking, and the previous system will...
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More Good News for Health Reform: HSAs Continue to Grow
One of Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to make Health Savings Accounts more widely used. The purpose of HSAs is to give patients greater control over health spending and to reduce the share of spending controlled by insurers. Unfortunately, the 2003 law that established HSAs requires they be linked with a highly regulated type...
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Another Obamacare Architect Recognizes Its Unintended Consequences
Dr. Bob Kocher, an Obamacare architect turned venture capitalist, has admitted the law has had a significantly negative unintended consequence: When I joined the Obama White House to advise the president on health-care policy as the only physician on the National Economic Council, I was deeply committed to developing the best health-care reform we could to...
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Billions of Dollars Later, Veterans Health Administration Still Failing
Back in July 2014, over at another blog, I described how Congress was preparing to reward the Veterans Health Administration for its failure to ensure veterans get timely, adequate care, with a multi-billion dollar bailout. Because Republicans had taken the majority in both houses of Congress, the bailout was camouflaged as a method of...
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Bobby Jindal’s Attack on Scott Walker’s Health Plan Is Off-Base
Yesterday, I wrote a column at Forbes addressed Governor Scott Walker’s health plan in largely positive terms. Governor Bobby Jindal, a competing Republican presidential contender, has launched a broadside against Walker’s plan, describing it as a “new federal entitlement.” The charge is way off-base. Governor Jindal proposed a health reform back in 2014, via...
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FreedomFest Recap: Why Obamacare Stifles Healthcare Innovation
I had the pleasure of speaking recently on a healthcare panel at FreedomFest in Las Vegas. Here’s a recap of my remarks on innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare. In the 2012 book Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis by Dr. John C. Goodman, my colleague at the Independent Institute, John wrote: “The ACA [Obamacare] approach...
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HSAs Force Health Providers to Compete
Megan Johnson, a self-employed single mother in Dallas, had severe pains in her side and back, just below the ribs. Her doctor said it was possibly kidney stones, but a CT scan would be necessary to confirm the diagnosis. Megan’s doctor gave her the name of an outpatient radiology department near her home. A...
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The Benefits of Ideal Health Insurance
Three features of ideal health insurance would make it especially superior to the health insurance arrangements that prevail today, as I outline in my recent book, Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis. Ideal Health Insurance Is Patient Centered A large portion of our healthcare dollars would be placed in accounts that we individually own and control....
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Q&A on Obamacare
A few days ago, via e-mail correspondence, I answered some queries about the new health-care-insurance law put to me by Marina Galisova, a reporter for the Slovak weekly magazine Tyzden. It seems that this interview has formed the topic of an article in the magazine, although I cannot be sure because I cannot read Slovak. In...
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