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Many Different “Problems,” Identical “Solution” in Every Case
Crises serve as a pretext for government power grab.
The Vice in Vice
Artistically brilliant, but so partisan and propagandistic that many will have trouble appreciating the movie’s artistry.
Will Justice Kavanaugh Roll Back Russian Influence?
Kavanaugh’s appointment sparks hope for rolling back the administrative state.
Obama vs. the San Francisco Chronicle
Did the administration threaten to exclude the San Francisco Chronicle from covering future presidential events? Reporter Carla Marinucci says yes, although the White House denies it. A little over a week ago, protesters paid $5,000 each to get into a DNC fundraiser where they could interrupt Obama’s speech and break into a song, expressing...
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Presidential Role Model
On this President’s Day weekend, let us commemorate the record of the best president in U.S. history: John Tyler. A random poll of Americans would draw mostly puzzled looks at the name, but according to Independent Institute Senior Fellow Ivan Eland, in his 2009 ranking of the presidents, Recarving Rushmore, this 10th U.S. president...
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The U. S. Should Emulate, Not Censure, Honduras
When Honduras’s president Manuel Zalaya attempted recently to unconstitutionally extend his powers, in this case to thwart his term limit, Honduras’s Congress—controlled by the president’s own party—and Supreme Court acted quickly and decisively to remove him from office, and utilized the military to enforce their rulings. In contrast, as a series of U.S. presidents...
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