Tag: Elections
The Politics of Inflation
Democrats Decline an Opportunity with Senate Appointment
Following Their Leaders: How Political Anchors Shape Policy Preferences
Vote Selling and Voter Behavior
Are You Voting for a Candidate or a Political Party?
Tribalism and Electoral Politics
"Us" vs. "Them"
Do Voters Make Poor Choices?
Is It Time for Republicans to Move Past Trump?
Democratic Institutions and the Transition of Presidential Power
The Presidential Election: Biden Didn’t Win; Trump Lost
Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Aiders and Abettors in Election Fraud?
Democracy: Ideology and Reality
President Trump Will Be Reelected in November
Do Incumbent Presidents Always Win?
Impeachment and Presidential Power
Would Rand Paul Be a Viable Third-Party Candidate for President?
Incumbent Advantage
Proportional Voting for the House of Representatives?
Does Your Vote Matter?
New Poll Suggests Lessons Teachers Unions Should Remember in November
The Republican Advantage That’s Easy to See but Nobody Notices
Progressive Democracy
Is Trump Destroying the GOP?
Progressive Democracy Works for the 1%
Principal-agent Theory and Representative Government

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