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Are More Vaping Bans Coming Soon? Let’s Hope Not!
Over the past year, the Food and Drug Administration has seemed determined to “wipe out the entire vaping industry.” As former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, who spearheaded much of the current anti-vaping movement,” notes: “the FDA is so concerned about the dangerous effects of e-cigarettes on American youth that the products may have to...
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FDA Investigates Supposed Link Between Vaping and Seizures
Although the FDA acknowledges it has yet to find a causal relationship between vaping and seizures, it may continue and strengthen its “historic crackdown” of the vaping industry.
San Francisco’s Vaping Ban Is Doomed To Go Up in Smoke
Will the ban work? Unfortunately, governmental efforts to reduce or eliminate vices are often spectacular failures.
Teen Vaping Is Bad, but the Alternative Is Worse
The FDA’s efforts to reduce teen vaping rates will likely result in worse health outcomes by prompting teens to switch to smoking cigarettes.
Can the FDA Prevent Teens from Vaping?
Epidemics are causes for concern, but before we declare regulation to be the cure, we should question who administers the treatment.
FDA Vaping Regulations Will Do More Harm than Good
Stringent regulations on the e-cigarette market to come.
FDA Considers Regulating E-cigarette Juices
Despite the best of intentions, efforts to regulate vice frequently fail and can lead to harmful secondary effects for those they intend to help.
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