Tag: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
How Governments Botched COVID-19 Testing, Reinforcing Destructive Lockdowns and Massive “Relief” Spending
To Go to School in L.A.
State Mismanagement of Covid-19 Data Continues
The “Prominent Hole” in CDC Epidemic Intelligence
CHiPs Are Down in California, and Federal Judge Is Down With It
Pandemic Reading Tips: Part Deux
Is the China-Friendly WHO Calling the Tune for CDC?
The Mask Madness of Big Government
Coronacrisis and Leviathan
Fear: The Fuel of Government Power
Coronavirus Response from CDC Is an Omen for Single-Payer Healthcare Shortages for All
Generic Insulin Now Available After Nearly One Hundred Years of Regulatory Protection From Competition
Should Dissent Be Allowed in Health Care?

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