Wikileaks: Torture, War Crimes, Thousands of Deaths

Hundreds of thousands of new Wikileaks documents reportedly uncover another torture scandal, expose potential war crimes such as the killing of surrendering soldiers, and disclose 15,000 previously unreported deaths in Iraq. See below for the Wikileaks press conference and this interview with John Sloboda from Iraq Body Count.

The administration’s position has been that we’ve learned nothing new from Wikileaks, and yet others claim that the organization is aiding the enemy by reporting the hard truth. If the administration is correct, and perhaps it is, the people should have been outraged long ago. But if reporting the lies and crimes of the state is being an enemy of the country, then there is something fundamentally wrong with the universe.

Wikileaks Press Conference (Press TV): 1/3

Wikileaks Press Conference (Press TV): 2/3

Wikileaks Press Conference (Press TV): 3/3

Anthony Gregory is a former Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and author of the Independent books American Surveillance and The Power of Habeas Corpus in America.
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