Can a Christian School Terminate a Teacher Who Refuses to Provide a Pastoral Reference?

Today, the AP has an interesting article up about a lawsuit brewing in California. It seems that a private, Christian school asked all its teachers to supply a letter of reference from the teachers’ pastors and to also provide the school with a written statement of their faith. Two teachers have refused to do so and were terminated. Suit is pending in federal court to determine if the school was within its rights.

It seems that the school simply wants to make sure the teachers are in good standing in their local churches and that they profess an orthodox christian teaching. While this appears to be a reasonable requirement, we’ll see what the courts say.

On a side note, I was pondering what I would submit as a written statement of my faith if I were a teacher in the school. After a few minutes, the answer became pretty obvious. I’d happily submit this time-tested statement and put my John Hancock at the end!

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