The Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly in Trayvon Martin Case

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed February 26 by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, in a story that has made the national news. As the investigation into Martin’s case continues, no charges have yet been brought, which has elicited some criticism and a call by a Florida State Senator for the Governor to appoint a special prosecutor in the case.

Martin’s case is not the only highly-publicized death in Florida in which the wheels of justice have turned slowly. Robert Champion was beaten to death on November 19. His death was ruled a homicide, and still, four months after Champion’s death, no charges have been brought and the investigation continues.

I know nothing more about these two cases than what has been reported in the news media. However, in the wake of criticism in the Martin case, if justice is taking too long in that case, there appears to be a stronger argument that it is taking an excessively long time in the Champion case. Champion’s death preceded Martin’s by more than three months. On the other hand, if the Champion case is proceeding at a deliberate but acceptable pace, that would suggest more patience in the Martin case.

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