It Is About Power and Fear

I had missed Anthony Gregory’s great post here when I wrote my piece for Lew a few days ago — but it seems everyone is noticing that it is about power — and fear — their fear of losing power! Government resources will be directed at those “enemies” foreign and domestic that threaten the guys in power. What I’m discovering is the creatively designed foreign wars (my interest area) are far less important than the domestic ones. The domestic resistance is what can change government, shrink it, and from the standpoint of existing rulers and politicians, utterly destroy their world, their known context, and their careers. There is indeed a governing class in America — it is incestuous, and as the cracks in the firmament are popping up everywhere, it is very frightened. Frightened like a cornered bear, but without the dignity. It’s Easter weekend, when every Christian is thinking about (whether they know it or not) state paranoia, conspiracy, and use of force against the greater power of peaceful resistance and truth. Bottom line, I like what Anthony said about a “silver lining” (Emma Goldman, et al.) and I anticipate many more as we deal with the coming collapse of the American empire.

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