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Telemedicine Continues to Reach New Heights
Imagine you suddenly became injured and needed medical help quickly. How long would it take you to see a physician? For an increasing number of Americans, the answer may be concerning. According to a recent survey of 15 major metropolitan areas, wait times to see a physician for new patients increased by about 30...
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If Telemedicine Is Underachieving, Government Is to Blame
Telemedicine providers have faced burdensome and complex regulatory structures at the state and federal level.
Telehealth Opportunity versus Telehealth “Parity”
A great opportunity to reduce costs and improve quality in U.S. health care is telehealth, which uses information technology to eliminate distance between a patient and a medical provider. A subset of telehealth is telemedicine, which allows physicians to consult patients over the phone, by text, or by video. Take a couple of obvious...
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Should the Feds Regulate Physicians’ Scope of Practice?
Writing in the Wall Street Journal, economics professor Shirley Svorny of California State University, Northridge, and the Cato Institute argues that Congress should use the power granted by the U.S. Constitution’s Commerce Clause to pre-empt states’ historical power to regulate physicians’ scope of practice: Telemedicine has made exciting advances in recent years. Remote access...
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