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Bear Market: Buying Opportunity?
It’s easy for stock market investors to be discouraged these days, with the market taking such a hit in the wake of the COVID-19 virus. But I’ve been told that a profitable stock market strategy is to buy low, sell high, and by that logic, today’s prices offer a much better deal to investors...
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Panic Attacks Startle Wall Street
The danger of seeing the stock market as a measure of political performance is that the government will be tempted to intervene.
Reflections on Donald Trump’s Election
As the markets and pundits react to Donald Trump’s enormous upset victory, let me offer my own reactions. As an economist, I will focus on matters pertaining to economic policy. The Danger of Hubris and Denial. Everybody recognizes that the “experts” and polls were totally wrong. Indeed, I was listening to NPR around 6...
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