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Axis of Politicians and Union Bosses Targets Independent Contractors of “Gig” Economy
The attempt to herd rideshare drivers into unions is a legislative power play to boost the ranks of unions, a special interest that contributes heavily to one political party. 
California Legislators Shelter DMV from Intrepid State Auditor Elaine Howle
State officials who show diligence at their job are not easy to find in California. One notable exception is State Auditor Elaine Howle.
Governor’s Appointed Commission Boosts Ruling-Class Pay Raises
The raise is not based on any performance measure, and that is also true for government employee unions.
Why Dozy DMV Is Dangerous
With Government-run agencies, inefficiencies abound.
California’s Proposed $2 per Pack Excise Tax on Cigarettes
A bill introduced for consideration in an upcoming special session of California’s legislature proposes to add an excise tax of $2 per pack to existing state and federal excise taxes on cigarettes. Proponents estimate that the new tax (levied on distributors) will raise $1.5 billion to help pay the healthcare costs incurred by low-income...
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