Tag: Middle East
No War for Oil Confronts a Key Premise of U.S. Foreign Policy
9/11 Anniversary: Book and Movie Recommendations
One Man’s Waste Is Another Man’s Bonanza
Should the United States Have a Say in Who Leads the Governments of Other Countries?
Last Chance to Sign Open Letter to Obama (prominent libertarians, academics, former government officials, liberals, conservatives, etc., already on list)
Weird Al Yankovic: “Party in the C.I.A.”
New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof: The Military as Socialist Model for America
War Costs Soar, and Yet More War Than We Bargained For
An Open Letter to Obama (Bring Home the Troops)
Osama’s Been Killed — Ten Haiku
And the War Goes On, and On, and On
It Still Wasn’t Worth It, and Is More War Coming?
The Newest on the U.S. Dungeon at Guantanamo
Easter Lessons, Revisited
Is the CIA Helping More al-Qaeda Associates?
Charles Peña Critiques Obama’s War in Libya on Fox Business Channel
Charles Peña to Reply to Obama on Libya: Freedom Watch on Fox Business Channel Tonight
Zora and Spike on “that Greek slut”
Another Presidential War. Yawn.
Derek Leebaert’s Magic and Mayhem
Talking to Liberals About Revolution
Hosni Mubarak and Saddam Hussein
Don’t Accuse Me of Blaming America When I Blame the Government
ComeHomeAmerica.us Hits the Stands
Who’s Threatening Whom?

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