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Bernie Sanders’ Windsor Trip, an Infomercial for Government Monopoly Health Care
Bernie Sanders starts with a button and sews on a coat that is one size for all.
Warren’s Commission Ignores Government Monopolies
Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Amazon, Google, Facebook, and even Apple.
Expel These Vultures
If a buzzard were to fly about three miles to the southwest from my home in rural St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, he would come to St. Joseph Abbey and Seminary College, a monastery and seminary maintained by Benedictine monks. When he arrived, however, he would find other vultures already hovering over the abbey. These vultures...
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Can Markets Provide Police Services?
While Americans spend a lot of money on private security, we generally associate police services with a local government monopoly. And indeed, government is where the buck stops. One of the conventional rationales for government provision of police services is that the market will under-provide it. After all, if I subscribe to a protection...
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