Tag: Congressional Budget Office
The Costs of the Build Back Better Act
CBO: Biden Spending on Unsustainable Path
National Debt to Nearly Double GDP by 2050
Federal Regulations Explode During Coronavirus Pandemic
Bipartisan Proposals for Spending Cuts
Nonpartisan Congressional Agency Is Pessimistic About Nation’s Long-Term Fiscal Health
The CBO’s Ideas for Saving Money
CBO: Autopilot Spending To Send National Debt Soaring
The CBO Agrees: It’s the Spending, Stupid!
CBO’s Big Mistakes Highlight Need to Privatize Economic Data Series
Peak Obamacare? We’re There
CBO: Repealing ACA Would Grow U.S. Economy; Reduce Number of Insured by 10 Million
How Much Does Health Insurance Affect Health? Some Surprising Answers
I Now Report Sightings of Shovel-Ready Projects
Surprise! Health Care Bill “Likely to Top” $1 Trillion “Budget”
CBO Report: U.S. Will Go to Hell in 2009

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