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Carl P. Close is a Research Fellow and former Executive Editor for Acquisitions and Content at the Independent Institute and former Assistant Editor of The Independent Review.
Crisis and Leviathan, 25th Anniversary Edition
Defense Cuts Would Encourage Needed Improvements
Anti-Gouging Laws Prevent Prices from Sending the Right Signals
Markets Promote Peace and Harmony
Promote Liberty by Reforming Higher Education?
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Boom and Bust Banking—Causes and Cures
A Brief History of the Case Against Obamacare
How States Can Control Their Spending
Hypocrisy from the Ivory Tower: UK Edition
The Power and Vitality of Living Economics
Krugman’s Mythology of U.S. Banking History
Water and Markets Flow Together in Aquanomics
Happy Birthday, F. A. Hayek
The Naked Truth about Your Government
How the Tax System Fosters Big Government
The World’s First Paleo-Libertarians
The Independent Review—Spring Issue Now Available
Solving the Federal Land Problem
Social Engineering and the Roots of the Financial Crisis
Obama’s Prosperity-Killing Protectionism
New Book Examines the History and Folly of Bank Bailouts
How to Spur Innovation, Advance Human Progress, and Make Yourself Smarter
No War for Oil Confronts a Key Premise of U.S. Foreign Policy
Mario Vargas Llosa and the Search for Liberty

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