A Wasteful Federal Spending Quiz

Politicians and bureaucrats waste millions of dollars on crazy stupid things every year. But can you tell the difference between an actual federal budget line item and something that just sounds like a crazy stupid thing on which an American politician would spend money?

Let’s test your skills. I’ve listed eight simple descriptions of things or groups that may or may not have been funded in recent years by U.S. taxpayers. Which of these items do you think are real, and which do you think are fake?

  1. Cricket Lessons in Punjab, India
  2. Comic Book Superheroes To Fight Extremism
  3. High School Counselors in China
  4. Hookers for Jesus
  5. Peace Drums for Arab and Jewish Youth
  6. Personalized Mobile Cooking App for K-8 STEM Education
  7. Sex Education for Commercial Sex Workers in Ethiopia
  8. Story Time at the Laundromat

I’ve written a lot about federal spending waste, and I’m pretty sure I’m not duplicating anything I might have covered before. I won’t guarantee that, however, because there are so many more examples.

If you’re game, in the comments section below submit your list of which things you think are real and which one you think can’t possibly be true. I’ll provide the answers to the challenge in the comments on Friday, October 30, 2020. Just in time to potentially scare you before Halloween!

This game is only for fun, and there are no prizes to win. If you think about it, if any one of these items is real, all of us have lost.

Craig Eyermann is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute.
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