Tag: Government waste
The Waste of Federal Government Office Space
CBO Puts Full Price Tag on Biden Student Loan Relief Scheme
Festivus in Spring
Crazy, Stupid Federal Spending!
“Amtrak Joe” Tries to Resuscitate California’s Zombie Bullet Train
Lessons from the Dirty Streets of San Francisco
COVID Relief: Where Did All That Money Go?
2020 Festivus Grievances: $54 Billion in Waste
Logrolling Fills COVID Relief Bill With Waste
Federal Student Loan Program Is Losing Billions
California’s Multibillion-Dollar Pandemic Unemployment Fraud
California Prisoners Score Fraudulent Unemployment Benefits
A Wasteful Federal Spending Quiz
Tracking Waste in the Paycheck Protection Program
Paycheck Protection Program a Costly Mess
Are Police Forces the Best Candidates for Defunding?
Bipartisan Proposals for Spending Cuts
Financially Troubled Amtrak Is Taking Taxpayers for a Ride
A Broken Track for California’s Zombie Bullet Train
Meet the Federal Agency Propaganda Mascots That Cost Taxpayers a Fortune
U.S. Government Could Max Out Its Credit by Early September
California Farmers Waiting on a Train That Will Never Come
U. S. Defense Contractor Shows How Government Regulation Can Lead to Price Gouging
The Craziness of Pork Barrel Spending
Death, Taxes, and Government Waste

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