Nanny State Attacks Jewish, Muslim Manhood

This week, a “God blogger” published a Wall Street Journal column highlighting the “circumcision wars” in California. The “intactivists” opposed to circumcision are up against Jews and Muslims (among others) in San Francisco. I’m betting with the latter groups. I think circumcision is barbaric and demeaning to men but it doesn’t rise to the level of suttee or honor killing. So let them cut away!

Normally, secular folks howl at Christians because their beliefs supposedly contradict “mainstream science.” If Christians, Muslims or others say “God commanded us to do ‘x’ or believe ‘y,'” then those people of faith are put down as Neanderthal know-nothings. This is an old script in the West, although the academy and media now bow to death threats from radical Muslims and will never, ever offend with cartoons, satire, or other disrespect the personage of you-know-who from Mecca. Not even hidden in a bear suit (ask South Park creators). That simply wouldn’t be kosher.

So, now, circumcision, which removes some of the most pleasure-dense nerves of the, er, male organ, is under attack from San Francisco Nanny State liberals. (To call them “liberal” is a misnomer since they are profoundly authoritarian but the American lexicon for politics is upside down).

Nanny Staters in San Francisco weren’t pleased when Jon Stewart merrily mocked their measure banning Happy Meals.

Stewart happens to be Jewish. Hmmm. Perhaps this is payback time?

Are Jews, Muslims going to join Jehovah Witnesses and others in having their religious practice scrubbed because it is “unscientific”?

Will we see “back alley” mohels?

Did Obama issue a double entendre when he said he would use a “scalpel” on the budget? After all, where did he say that some Americans “cling to their guns and religion”?

San Francisco.

The plot thickens!

The penis wars continue.

Next up: commentary from Congressman Wiener on the issue. Can a Jewish congressman support a federal ban on circumcision? Would he respect such a ban? Inquiring minds want to know.


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Jonathan Bean is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and editor of the Independent book, Race & Liberty in America: The Essential Reader.
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