Make Summer Vacation Exciting and Enlightening!

Attention High-school Students & College Undergrads:

Don’t let your intellect atrophy! Make summer vacation a time to delve into new subjects or to probe topics that have sounded intriguing to you. The Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminar explores economics, liberty, and society using lectures, discussion, directed reading, and multimedia presentations.

Students consistently give our summer seminar high marks. Here’s what one attendee wrote about the June 2009 session: “This seminar was so much fun. Each speaker was passionate and enthusiastic about economics and wanted to help students understand and appreciate economics so that they can make better choices and impact the future.” Another attendee wrote: “If you want to gain a deeper understanding of how markets and liberty work together, you need to check out the Independent Institute’s summer seminars!”

The preliminary schedule for the August session is below.

The Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminar, led by Brian Gothberg
The Independent Institute
100 Swan Way
Oakland, Calif.
[email protected]

August 10-14, 2009
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Tuition: $195. Includes books, snacks, and lunch.

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Map and Directions

Preliminary Schedule for August 10-14

Monday: Economics and Liberty

1. History of Economics

2. Adam Smith on the Role of Government (Dr. James Ahiakpor, CSU East Bay)

3. Liberty (Dr. José Yulo, Academy of Arts University and The Independent Institute)

4. Civil Liberties in the United States (Anthony Gregory, The Independent Institute)

Tuesday: Market Chaos or Hidden Order?

1. Price and the Environment (Gregory Rehmke, Economic Thinking)

2. Prices: Their Importance and Their Effects

3. Markets: How They Function and How They Are Hindered

4. Jobs: Their Creation and Destruction

Wednesday: Monopoly or Competition?

1. How Competition Operates

2. The Birth of Monopolies

3. Monopolies and Technology (Dr. Fred Foldvary, Santa Clara University)

4. Public Policy and Monopolies

Thursday: Market Failure or Government Failure?

1. Public Goods

2. Property Rights and the Environment (Mike Winther, Institute for Principle Studies)

3. Energy, Public Goods, and Commerce

4. Panel Discussion on Environmental Protection (Anthony Gregory and Mike Winther)

5. National Defense (Anthony Gregory)

Friday: Inflation, Recession, and Government

1. The Great Depression

2. Inflation (Carl Close, The Independent Institute)

3. Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle (Dr. Fred Foldvary)

4. Evaluations and Photos

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